Varmint Gone Anchorage performed Residential Bat Removal Service Wasilla Alaska for a couple who had been dealing with a bat infestation for over four years. The bat removal process began with a complete inspection to the property’s roof inside and out. We found bats (Little Browns) were entering through a gap between the rafters where the building was not properly secured when the building was constructed. Another area near the chimney where the metal flashing had a ½” gap between the metal and plywood which also allowed the bats to enter the roof and roost inside the home during the day. With the results of our findings, the client was scheduled to begin residential bat removal service.

The bat exclusion process began by setting bat tubes around the accesses on the home. These tubes are called “one-ways” because they allow the bats to leave the building at night, but they do not allow them to re-enter in the early morning. Next, we sealed all roof gaps, ridge vents, gable vents and soffit vents that may allow bats to re-enter the home. It is important to note that any hole larger than ¼” in diameter may allow the bats to enter the home. To seal up small holes and gaps under ½”, we used an epoxy based sealant to prevent the animals from chewing back into the home. In the other areas that need sealing, we used galvanized steel flashing or galvanized steel mesh.

The bat exclusion process can be time consuming and laborious, but it is necessary to get rid of bats for good. Having bats in your home can cause serious health issues. Fungus and mold grow and spore in the bat guano, potentially causing health issues for children, the elderly and those with immune disorders. You can learn more about the danger of bat guano online.

After the bats left the property or moved into the Bat Houses we installed, the cleanup process on the interior of the home began. This process included our technicians garnishing EPA Haz-Mat suits and special respirators designed to block extremely small contaminates. Hepa-filtered vacuums were used to remove bat guano. Upon completion, an environmentally safe sanitation solution was sprayed to contaminated areas to disinfectant, sanitize and deodorize.

A post-project inspection found no further bats had re-entered the home. Varmint Gone Anchorage Residential Bat Removal Service Wasilla Alaska successfully removed the bats from this home.