On Monday, September 11th, Nat Geo Wild premiered a new television episode for, “When Nature Calls”, starring Keith Lange of Varmint Gone. During the episode, Keith explained the bat removal process for successfully excluding bats from inhabited buildings at Brooks Lodge in Katmai National Park in Alaska. In addition, they team was shown removing guano-infested insulation as well as the decontamination process necessary to rid the structures of the hazardous conditions a bat infestation causes. Keith’s handmade “bat boxes” were also featured in the episode, which are used to provide a new home for the bats after they have been excluded from their previous home.

View “Time To Save The Bats” Video on Nat Geo Wild

Bats can enter homes or businesses through gable vents, ridge vents, open windows or unscreened fireplaces, depositing bat droppings and urine within the house. This can result in extreme foul odors and sheet-rock damage from urine. Despite the fact that bats consume unwanted insects around homes or businesses, there are many health risks involved with having bats in ones’ attic. Many bats transmit diseases and the defecation of bats in known to cause health problems. In addition to this, some bats carry harmful diseases. Some of these diseases include rabies as well as histoplasmosis, which may be present in their droppings, especially if it is in moist areas. Many histoplasmosis sufferers complain of flu-like symptoms including fever, chest pains, loss of appetite, dry cough, headaches, shortness of breath, impaired vision, and possibly joint and muscle pains. Some cases, if not treated can be fatal, making the removal of bats highly critical for the safety of oneself and family.

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