bat removal servicesVarmint Gone Anchorage offers commercial & residential bat removal and bat decontamination services to Anchorage Borough, Mat-Su Borough, Kenai Peninsula as well as remote areas of Alaska (an additional travel fee may apply). Varmint Gone Anchorage is a dedicated conservation based company which is locally owned, licensed and insured. Varmint Gone has offered our customers safe, fast, reliable and discreet bat removal services and bat damage repair for homeowners and commercial facilities since 1983.

Varmint Gone provides a 1-YEAR WARRANTY on all repairs and construction exclusion work for each specific animal.

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Would you like to know what to expect with professional bat removal service? Are you not sure if you have bats? Do you know why it is important to remove bats from your home? Read below for more information…

What to Expect with Bat Removal Services in Alaska

Below are the steps and procedures you can expect when receiving bat removal services in Alaska:

Schedule an inspection of your home or business online or by calling 907-290-3099. A Varmint Gone Representative can answer any question and arrange your preferred appointment time. A Varmint Gone Anchorage technician will contact you to confirm a time to perform the inspection.

A detailed property inspection is performed by a certified Varmint Gone Anchorage technician. A written, no-pressure, proposal for resolving your issue is provided. Deposit is collected by check or credit card. Bat exclusion and property repairs are scheduled to begin within one to two days.

One-way tubes are installed  and/or Bat Gone Eviction Scent is applied to begin eviction process. All access points are secured too restrict bats from re-entering your home. Evictions process may take up to one week to allow all bats to vacate your home.

A Varmint Gone Anchorage skilled carpenter repairs any bat damage to your home or business. Interior restoration is completed by removing all urine and guano, exterminating any bat bugs, sanitizing and disinfecting attic area, removing contaminated insulation, and replacing insulation if required.

Final inspection is performed by a Varmint Gone Anchorage technician after repairs are completed to insure home is 100% secure from bats. Final payment is collected by check or credit card.

Do You Need Bat Removal Services in Alaska?

You can determine if you have a bat problem in or around your home or business in Alaska by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do you see bats flying in and out of your home or business around sunset?
  • Do you hear scratching sounds in the attic or within the walls?
  • Have you been smelling a strong urine or ammonia smell?
  • Have you noticed droppings or stains on the side of your house or business?

If the answer is “YES” to any of these questions, you may have a serious bat problem in your home or business. Schedule an inspection with a specialist at Varmint Gone Anchorage to help you assess and get rid of bats permanently from your home or business in Alaska.

Why is it Important to Remove the Bats in Alaska?

bat removal servicesBats can enter your home or business in Alaska through ridge vents, gable vents, unscreened fireplaces or through holes in soffit or under shingles. Homes with metal roof panels are especially vulnerable. Bats will deposit large amounts of droppings called “Guano”and urine in attic and soffit areas. This can result in a severe ammonia odor, sheetrock damage from urine and infestation of bat bugs into living areas.

Despite the fact that bats consume millions of unwanted insects around your home or business, there are many health risks involved with having roosting bats in your attic. Many bats transmit diseases and the bat guano is known to cause serious respiratory health problems. Some bats carry harmful diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis may be present in their droppings, especially if the droppings accumulate in moist areas. Histoplasmosis is an airborne infectious disease caused by fungus spores attached to the bat guano and are easily spread throughout your home or business. Many sufferers complain of flu-like symptoms including fever, chest pains, loss of appetite, dry cough, headaches, shortness of breath, impaired vision, and possibly joint and muscle pains. Some cases if not treated can be fatal.

With the health risks that are associated with bat removal, it is important that you look to a certified professional bat removal specialist dedicated to the safe removal of all bats before restoring your home to a safe, pre-bat condition. Protect your family and your investment by scheduling an inspection with Varmint Gone Anchorage today!

How Do You Get Rid of Bats in Alaska?

It is important to remove all bats as soon as possible to eliminate the health risks associated with bats, threatening the safety of your family. A professional should always handle bat decontamination because of the specialized filtration equipment and necessary precautions required to safely remove guano without any negative health effects.

Before the decontamination process begins, Varmint Gone Anchorage will identify all entry points, evict any existing bats and seal holes after we are certain all bats have been properly removed from your home or business permanently. Next, we will professionally clean, decontaminate, sanitize, disinfect and deodorize the entire contaminated area including killing and removing all bat bugs.

The most common solution for safely removing bats from your home or business in Alaska is through the use of one-way tubes. One-way tubes are set at each entry point, then when bats leaves to feed in the evening they are unable to re-enter. Varmint Gone supports conservation practices and highly recommends installation of bat boxes on your property as an alternative residence for the bats in your area. Varmint Gone manufactures rough-sawn cedar roasting and brooding boxes which should be installed before the eviction process begins. However, in June and July, during birthing periods, juvenile bats may be present in the roosts. Under certain conditions, we cannot remove bats from properties due to federal protection laws if juvenile bats are present.

After over twenty eight years as a bat conservationist, Varmint Gone Founder, Keith Lange developed a revolutionary bat eviction scent, BAT GONE, It not only evicts bats naturally and safely but keeps them from wanting to return. Bat Gone is derived specifically from snake sheds of particular snakes that prey on bats. Although there are very few snakes in Alaska, migratory and non- migratory bats in Alaska still have a natural, evolutionary fear of snakes that have predated on them for hundreds of thousands of years.

Schedule an inspection with the specialists at Varmint Gone Anchorage to help you assess your bat situation.

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