Varmint Gone Anchorage is Alaska’s premier wildlife removal & home damage repair specialists serving Anchorage borough, Mat-Su, Kenai borough, Kenai Peninsula as well as remote areas of Alaska (an additional travel fee may apply).

Varmint Gone Anchorage was built by offering customers safe, fast, reliable and discrete wildlife removal services and wildlife damage repair for homeowners and commercial facilities throughout Alaska. Varmint Gone Anchorage is a dedicated conservation based company which is locally owned, licensed and insured.

Varmint Gone Anchorage Uses Humane Wildlife Removal Techniques

Varmint Gone AnchorageVarmint Gone began offering wildlife removal services and wildlife damage repair services in 1983. Over the years, we developed unique and permanent techniques to safely eliminate or remove all property damaging species of animals which include squirrels, bats, porcupines, mice, rats, moose, and more. We do not use kill traps or separate animal family members from each other unless absolutely necessary. Our primary line of defense is the use of Varmint Gone animal eviction scents.

Varmint Gone Animal Eviction Scents are all natural, safe and easy to use and are uniquely blended to permanently remove your particular pests. These products have been extensively tested in real world conditions and are completely biodegradable and non-hazardous to pets and children. Our all natural products do not contain scented herbs, flammable elements like moth balls containing hazardous chemicals such as naphthalene, a common ingredient in most animal repellents.

Varmint Gone Anchorage promises exceptional customer service with reliable, on-time service. All our technicians are background checked to provide a worry free and safe experience. Not to mention that all work is backed by a 1-YEAR WARRANTY on all wildlife exclusion work!

Keith Lange | Conservationist, Wildlife Biologist & Wildlife Removal Specialist

Varmint Gone Anchorage TeamKeith Lange’s experience with wildlife began early at the age of five by helping at his father’s Wildlife Preserve which raised Trophy Whitetail Deer, Roosevelt Elk and numerous large and small exotic game. His father was also the local specialist who was called by local game officials and local residents to help hurt and orphaned large and small game animals.  This included helping just about every kind of wild animal in Wisconsin over the years.

Keith Lange’s professional career began with large and small game trapping and nuisance wildlife removal in 1983. He decided to expand his education by attending the University of Wisconsin; Double majoring in Wildlife Biology and Chemistry while minoring in Environmental Law Enforcement. He began working summers with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and during this time he met Dick Thiel, a Wolf Trapper and Biologist for the DNR who introduced Keith to the trapping, tagging and collaring program of the Eastern Timber Wolves that had began to move into Northern Wisconsin from Minnesota and Canada. These procedures were needed to gain vital information regarding migration patterns and prevent diseases from killing the wolves in the area. During this time he gained extensive experience in all aspects of Federal and State Environmental regulations, Federal Trapping/Tagging procedures and specialized trapping techniques.

Keith Lange Trapper MerrillKeith soon after began his wildlife control career at the State level with live trapping nuisance black bears, beavers, muskrats and otters that were devastating fish populations in State commercial fish hatcheries throughout the United States. Soon his experience began expanding to include animal control, removal and repairs from snakes, bats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks, foxes, coyotes and even moose.

For over thirty years, Keith has provided an important service to his customers when their family, pets and property are endanger or being destroyed by these sometimes extremely destructive and potentially life threatening nuisance animals.

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