Bat Week is an annual event, celebrated internationally, that was created to raise awareness about the need and importance of bat conservation. These amazing creatures are imperative to the health of our economy and environment. Even though we may not see them often, bats are constantly hard at work, each night. They eat tons of insects, spread seeds that grow new trees and plants, as well as pollinate flowers! Unfortunately, bats across the world are faced with numerous threats to their survival. Some of these threats include deforestation, commercial development and large agricultural expansion. In some areas of the world, bats are also hunted for their meat and for traditional medicine use. In saying so, bat conservation is key when it comes to protecting bat species and their future.

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Bat Conservation In Alaska

The five known species of bats in Alaska are the Myotis keenii “Keen’s Myotis”, Lasionycteris noctivagans “silver-haired bat”, Myotis californicus “California myotis”, Myotis lucifugus “little brown myotis” and Myotis volans “long-legged myotis”. The Little Brown being the most common bat found in Alaska. These nocturnal mammals use echolocation to prey on flying night bugs and can range in size and color. Additionally, these Alaskan bats can be found throughout the state, ranging from temperate rainforests to treeless, shrub-dominated areas. Unfortunately, these animals are continuously threatened by mass human development, climate change, and a life-threatening fungal infection known as White Nose Syndrome (WNS), making their need for bat conservation necessary for their survival.

Bats In Your Home In Alaska? Here’s Your Next Step

Although bats play a key role in the environment, their role inside our homes and attics is not as profound – It can actually be incredibly dangerous. Some bats carry harmful diseases such as rabies and histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is an airborne infectious disease caused by fungus spores attached to the bat guano and are easily spread throughout your home or business. Many sufferers complain of flu-like symptoms including fever, chest pains, loss of appetite, headaches and in some untreated cases, it can be fatal.

With the health risks that are associated with bat infestations, it is important that you look to a certified professional bat removal specialist, dedicated to the safe removal of all bats before restoring your home to a safe, pre-bat condition. Protect your family and your investment by scheduling an inspection with Varmint Gone Anchorage today!