On Monday, August 21st, Nat Geo Wild premiered their brand new television series, “When Nature Calls”, starring the owner of Varmint Gone, Keith Lange. During the premiere, Keith introduced Varmint Gone’s specialized Moose Barrier Treatment. He and fellow technician, Alex Oshesky, created a barrier around the owner’s home, who had a problem with a reappearing moose. The owner, Melissa, was concerned that the massive animal could harm her children or her pets. Once the application of the moose repellent was placed around the home’s property border, Keith assured her that her family and pets were now safe from the moose and should no longer see any sign of the animal on her property.

Varmint Gone’s specialized treatment comes in a liquid and granular formula. The product is used to create a protective barrier around the owners’ property to protect their family and pets from aggressive moose. In addition, the barrier also protects ornamental shrubs, fruit bearing plants, gardens, green houses and backyard fencing material from moose damage. These services are not only to protect the owner’s property but to also protect the moose from any possible harm that it could inflict upon itself when coming in close contact with humans and their dwellings. It is important to note that since there is an estimated 1500 moose living in and around Anchorage, human and moose contact occur quite frequently. Moose are amongst the most dangerous, regularly encountered animals in the world. If disturbed or threatened, they are known to respond by charging with aggression. They attack more people and kill more pets, annually, than bears, 3 to 1. In saying so, many serious injuries and even deaths happen in around urban parts of Anchorage and surrounding areas, each year.

Varmint Gone Anchorage services the Anchorage and Mat-Su Borough, as well as the Kenai Peninsula and remote areas of Alaska (an additional travel fee may apply). Varmint Gone specializes in the permanent removal of bats and squirrels for commercial and residential properties. Please visit Anchorage.VarmintGone.com for a complete listing of their services. For more information or to schedule an interview with Keith Lange, please contact Lisa Rae Oshesky at 907-290-3099.