This particular rodent removal project began at a local church in Anchorage. They had been dealing with a rodent infestation for nearly 15 years.

The process began with a complete inspection of the entire property, inside and out. What our technician soon discovered was that mice had been entering the premises through a gap that was located between the church’s exterior wall and concrete foundation. This gap was about ½” wide and ran about 15 feet along the bottom of the steel wall. This area is a very common place to be inhabited within commercial buildings throughout Alaska.

Furthermore, our technician then began the exclusion process. This process began by setting rodent sized live traps around the 140,000 sq. ft building. This included at least one trap in each room and up to 8 in heavily infested areas. Next, was conducting the sealing process around the church’s foundation, walls, doors, vents, plumbing, and electrical accesses. Following that, any other hole or obvious opening was also sealed.

The epoxy based sealant our team uses, prevents the animals from chewing their way back into the building. The epoxy is a trade based product and works excellent at keeping small animals out. The rodents that are left trapped inside, are then captured, removed, and transported to a wild environment, away from any other public structures.

Additionally, another area that mice were found entering, was under two of the church’s entrances. The solution was to install a steel sweep under the doors, which prevented the animals from gaining access again.

It is important to note that Varmint Gone has and will always offer the “no kill” solution with every job. Although, on occasion, only after careful considerable, there are times when rodents will not go into a live trap and a lethal solution is used to remove them from the property.

After a month of trapping and follow-up inspections, there was no further evidence of mice on the property. This then led our technician to begin the clean up process. Before beginning, our team member changed into an EPA certified Haz-Mat suit and respirator. Following that, he began to use the Hepa-filtered vacuums to remove the mouse droppings. Upon completion, a thorough sanitation process began, using an environmentally safe disinfectant, sanitizer, and deodorizer to help bring the project to a close.

Varmint Gone Anchorage offers rodent control solutions for residential and commercial properties. If you are tired of trying to get rid of mice, give the experts at Varmint Gone a call at 907-290-3099.