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Monthly Archives: August 2016


Benefits of Installing Bat Houses

Do you see bats flying around your home especially in the early evening? Do you often hear scratching sounds coming out of the attic? You may be sharing your home with bats. Just like any other varmint, bats can enter your home through the ridge vents, fireplaces and any other small spaces around your roof. They [...]

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Bat Removal in Wilderness & Fishing Lodges in Alaska

One of the most important elements of running a successful business in Alaska is guaranteed customer satisfaction. If you are a wilderness lodge or fishing lodge owner in Alaska then you have probably found this quite challenging with all the bats around the numerous lakes and rivers in Alaska. Although they are generally harmless creatures, bats [...]

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Are There Bats in Alaska?

Are there bats in Alaska? Yes, there sure are and there are a lot of them, especially around the lakes and rivers of Alaska. Many are not aware that there are bats in Alaska. Bats serve an important ecological function in Alaska, however it is important to remove them from your home or business where that can cause [...]

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